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Home repairing can be very costly at times. It can be for any corner or portion of your home. You tend to look up ways to stash additional money. However, it will only work if the renovation is urgent. Do not worry. Loans for home improvement are at your disposal now!

You can cover various costs of a home renovating project provided you know your boundaries. You can trust Onestoploansolution to find the most suitable offer that simultaneously suits your pocket and necessities. Instead of delaying the home refurbishment work due to funds shortage, utilising loans would be a wise decision.

Are you still not convinced? Home improvement loans available in the UK come with exclusive features like:

  • Amount to borrow from £1000 to £15000
  • Repay between 12 to 84 months
  • Obtainable at competitive prices
  • Chances of acceptance are fair
  • Avail money in a snap
  • Exposure to reliable lending practices
  • Get loans for houses with zero paperwork
  • Qualify with minimal requisites

You can reach out for our services at any time. All you need is a phone or a laptop to get familiar with our way of working. We will be at your service when you realise the need for loan assistance.

Why should I take out home improvement finance?

It is only sometimes possible to hold the required cash for that urgent home makeover. There are unfortunate times when you either have to avoid the repair work or ask for financial help. If you want a worry-free way to fetch additional cash, loans for home improvements are the right destination.

You sometimes run short of money to continue with the renovation task you have already started. There might be plenty of instances where these loans can be your saviour. The different avenues you can make the most out of these loans are:

  • Beautifying the home entrance
  • Rectifying the rooftop
  • Working on the kitchen hob
  • Enlarging the storage area
  • Making changes in the living room
  • Conversion of your loft
  • Revamping the ugly nooks of the home
  • Expanding the back of the home

If you are someone who likes to modify the interior of the home now and then, you do not have to count upon personal savings that have a specified limit. You cannot do it over and again. However, you can use these loans when you need more funds.

What features to consider while getting home improvement loans?

There is no harm if you prefer to make home improvements by taking loan assistance. At least, you will need more time to salt away money for the immediate repair work. You can arrange cash on the spot and without any exertion.

These loans can become an effective financial solution to the ongoing problem, provided it lives up to your expectations. You wish to have these essential features with this loan facility.

  • Relaxation for credit issues

    Home renovation loan makes it possible for you to borrow despite lacking stellar credit scores. The focus remains on affordability as it can confirm loan repayment. A credit score might damage due to many factors. Besides, it cannot mean that you are financially doing well in this current condition.

    It can only indicate your past credit record. For this reason, we do not restrict any applicant by looking at the difficulty of credit score. We seek confirmation about current financial stability via affordability assessment.

  • Viable loan price

    Getting a loan for home improvements does not require you to break the bank. We have covered the pricing aspect most realistically. The interest rate you will receive is set in such a manner that it is affordable for you. We will always decide on a rate that is manageable for you. It is against our lending principle.

  • The likeliness of successful approval

    Here, we need to affirm you about loan approval. Instead, we have set the ground ready for easy and successful approval. We have relieved you from the significant restrictions that often cause the rejection of the application.

    Furthermore, there are aspects that you must take care of to ensure the highest approval chances. In short, you can play a vital role in strengthening the chances of approval.

  • Online applying mode

    With us, you can complete the age-old offline steps. You can carry on with house improvement work by getting a loan virtually. You can skip the hefty paperwork portion while applying with us. The compact steps will take a little time to round out.

  • Easy to fulfil criteria

    The standard conditions like 18 years of age, access to a bank account, stable income and UK residency will also remain the same in our case. These are the essential criteria you must meet to be a loan applicant.

Minor additional requirements might surface. However, these will be relatively easy to fulfil. For your suitability, we have adjusted the crucial requirements like a guarantor, security etc.

What are the diverse types of renovation loans?

We offer a reliable way to fetch renovation loans to sponsor the upgradation of your property. While making options for borrowers, we review their preferences also. One might need additional cash for a variety of purposes. In addition, financial capability might differ from person to person.

Options will vary with some moderation. Evaluate each alternative to ensure which would be apt for your circumstances.

Secured loans

You are eligible to get secured home improvement loans if you can provide assets against the loan. It is referred to as home equity loans or homeowner loans also.

The salient features are:

  • Allow you to borrow larger amount
  • Borrowing value depend on the worth of your property
  • Credit record is critical
  • Interest rates remain within range
  • Less risky for direct lending
  • Repayment duration extends long
  • Beneficial for big renovation work

Unsecured loans

You can obtain this financing option to complete the home makeover work without giving away your assets. It lets you take pleasure of collateral-free borrowing opportunity.

The salient features are:

  • Allow tenants and homeowner to apply
  • Lets you borrow in comparatively smaller amount
  • Affordability is more vital
  • Realistic rate of interest to fit your budget
  • Applicable for small renovation project
  • Repayment is quite flexible in nature
  • No necessity of collateral

How do repayments work on a loan for the renovation?

We are aware of the common struggles of people opting for a loan for home renovation. Repayment is one of them. For this reason, you must validate if you can pay back without any strain.

With Onestoploansolution, there is no need for you to cross-check as it is one of our exclusive features already. Although you will get a specific tenure extending up to 7 years, the payment pattern is convenient. You can return the loan amount with interest in various fashions like:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

What you must pay attention to about repayment is time consistency. Do not skip paying off at a particular schedule! Late charges will be unavoidable in this case. The only way to prevent borrowing from turning into a horrifying experience is by sticking to the original payment schedule. Debts will never rack up.

How to use home improvement loan calculator?

We understand that loan amount and repayment terms are the major concerns for a borrower like you. For this reason, we have left that selection to you. There will be no intervention from our end.

To be a responsible borrower in the UK, you must calculate the right amount by using home improvement loan calculator. It helps you determine an amount that is affordable from a price perspective. Once you select a particular amount, it will present the rate of interest and repayment term. You can apply with us if the rate and terms match your preference.

You can alter the amount if it is not suitable for you. All these calculations can be done free of cost. This calculating tool has user-friendly functionalities. Therefore, you will not face any exertion in using it to ensure that rates are pocket friendly for you. It is because rates will fall in place once you find the most suitable loan amount.

Can I make it to the best deals for home improvement loans?

We customise loan offers so you can fetch home improvement loans at the best rates. When loans are affordable, and you get the ideal amount per need, it means you have the best loan offer.

We also strive hard to customise a loan deal keeping your suitability for loans in mind. We will scrutiny how you have paid the recent bills. All this helps us makes sure that repayment is manageable for you. Emphasise the following points:

  • Borrow within the capacity
  • Work on upgrading your credit scores
  • Validate your credit scores before applying

Why should you opt for Onestoploansolution?

You have come here because you have been searching for a loan for home improvement. We are a dedicated direct lender who works hard to personalise loan solutions to help you go ahead with home revamping work.

We follow standard lending norms while looking forward to offering additional facilities like:

Transparent communication: We provide the loan agreement to share details about the loan terms and conditions. In addition, you can get an idea about rates from the loan quotation.

Reliability: We aim to offer the best-personalised experience for you. We constantly analyse our offerings with competitors.

24X7 Accessibility: We are one click away from you. It does not matter if you have one query or many. You can write to us without any hesitation.

Relief from upfront fees: We will not charge anything upfront. Rest assured to face no hidden charges that can increase your financial burden.

Quick turnaround time: We take little time to get back to your queries. Some representatives will respond back on our behalf. You will immediately receive our reply.


How to get a home improvement loan?

You have to fill out an online form with valid details. Cross-checking will be one more step to finish ahead of submission. With these three steps, you can share your loan request with us.

Is it tough to qualify with bad credit tags?

No, we have expedient conditions that will not restrict you even if you face bad credit issues. You just need to establish your current financial circumstance is better than before. With this, we will have assurance about loan repayment, which is more critical in this case.

I wish to get a 10-year home improvement loan. Is it possible?

We can make this provision if you want to borrow a large amount. It is because you will need a longer duration to repay when you have a large amount to meet for necessities. In this regard, you must note that the interest you pay will be more because of the extended repayment term.

Can I include a home improvement loan on to mortgage?

It is possible to borrow for home improvement on your mortgage. You can ask for an advance. However, it will add up to the mortgage amount. You can even think of options like re-mortgaging with a new lender.

Will it be helpful to get a loan for home improvement?

It depends on your preference and circumstance. If you must do the repair work urgently and have no money, you have to opt for financing options like these loans. However, remember that getting a loan means taking out debt.

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