No guarantor loans on instant payout

Has an emergency cropped up in your way that is making your finances drain? These are scenarios where you cannot cover surged bill costs with your income. However, you hesitate to seek financial backing as you cannot arrange for a guarantor. The best alternative way is to take out no guarantor loans.

We, as Onestoploansolution, will fulfil your need for affordable funding overlooking your limitations. It makes sense to borrow these loans if you do not wish to look for a guarantor. With us, you are free from the compulsion to ask others for a favour to satisfy a loan requirement.

Loans with no guarantor can offer you some flexibility provided you approach a direct lender like us. We can consider your application despite the absence of the guarantor. Our processing is different from mainstream lenders, which is evident in how we address your problems.

No Guarantor Loan - The Right Pick For People With Bad Credit

Our processing is different from mainstream lenders, which is evident in how we address your problems.

What must you look for? How can We help?
How much should you borrow? We will let you take out between £ 1000 to £ 10000
How do we plan for repayment? We allow you to repay within 12 to 60 months
Can you get a speedy decision? Yes, it is possible with us
Will rates be within your capacity? Our competitive pricing facilitates you to get affordable rates

What defines no guarantor loans?

These loans are, after all, personal loans that you can avail of without asking anyone to be the guarantor for loan repayment. You are free to borrow an amount that complements your requirements.

It means you can obtain this short-term funding even if you fail to provide a co-signer from your end. Furthermore, non-guarantor loans have the provision for collateral-free funding that makes your life easygoing. Even a scar in your credit history cannot stop you from getting loan assistance from our end. With us, you can get approval on your income capacity and loan affordability.

As a dedicated direct lender, we do not put too much pressure on borrowers like you. This ‘no guarantor’ facility has emerged from this viewpoint. You will not have to face heavy rates despite getting this relaxation.

These loans have very simple and easy documentation than other loans. A streamlined process entails charges and terms that are manageable for you. Competitive rates are our strength, as they let us help you fetch money without burning a hole in your pocket.

Will I be approved for no guarantor loans with no credit check?

A loan without a guarantor available with no credit check implies there will be no hard check. We will conduct a soft search to ensure that timely repayment is possible in your case.

You are eligible for a no guarantor loan even if your credit score is in the poor category. Having a poor credit score will not put an obstacle to finding the right financing you need. You can now find loans for bad credit with no guarantor are at your disposal.

Eligible For No Guarantor Loans For Bad Credit In The Uk

Whether or not you can qualify, it highly depends on different factors and the level of credit score. The best thing about getting a loan for bad credit with no guarantor is that it needs no fees and comes as an instant decision from direct lenders like Onestoploansolution. These loans have a compilation of favourable terms.

Due to the competition in the lending market, you can get good options in CCJ loans even with a poor financial history. All you need is to choose a reliable lender like us who can make the process easier. You must check the terms involved in the procedure beforehand.

In addition, you must assess the repayment terms and the total cost of the loan before applying for CCJ loans with no guarantor. Click here to find out.

Are loans for bad credit with no guarantor right for you?

Working with a direct lender is a beneficial option for any loan seeker. Many business owners and salaried individuals highly rely on direct lending nowadays, especially when they require unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor needed.

Validating if getting these loans is the right decision for you or not is crucial with the following points:

  • The amount of the borrowing.
  • Checking your affordability of required payments to be made each month.
  • Each term and condition of the loan.
  • The interest rates applicable for your borrowing.

Once you decide on all these factors, choose a reliable lender. If you opt for direct lending, the disbursal of funds is comparatively quicker than a bank. The interest rate charged on loans is lesser, making your monthly instalments comfortable. The monthly repayments are calculated proportionate to your affordability.

On the other hand, if you opt for direct lending, the disbursal of funds is comparatively quicker than a bank. Also, the interest rate charged on loans is lesser, making your monthly instalments comfortable. The monthly repayments are calculated proportionate to your affordability.

There is another way to determine if you should get bad credit personal loans with no guarantor facility. It is by looking through the purpose behind searching for a loan, like if you can pay off:

  • Maintenance bills
  • Repairing car
  • Home repairs
  • Sudden medical bills
  • School or college fees of wards
  • House rent
  • Large insurance premiums etc

What advantages do I have on bad credit loans with no guarantor?

Loans without guarantors can help you escape from putting a financial burden on someone else’s shoulder. You can count on these loans to manage things based on your convenience. Below-mentioned are some significant benefits of these loans that you should understand before applying:

  • Collateral free assistance

    With us, you can obtain loans in an unsecured way even with the no guarantor facility. It seems like a rare opportunity, but it is available to us. You can keep your assets safe while obtaining financial assistance to overcome a challenge. Such a provision also benefits tenants and non-homeowners, as they lack costly possessions to make it to a loan acceptance.

  • Highly flexible

    These loans come with high flexibility. You can pick the loan period for repaying instalments according to your requirements. In addition, you can quickly pay off the amount early. You can portion out the payment, as you do not have to repay at one time and full time. Therefore, repayment will be hassle-free and convenient.

  • Instant approval

    Depending on the loan amount and your financial report, you can get quick approval on the loan. We will pace up the process to meet your requirements. You can instantly access the funds as the disbursal of money is very quick. Our lending structure allows you to fetch funds the quickest and immediately.

  • Loans on Benefits

    Unlike other lenders in the UK, we are relatively open to our approach. If you live on government-sponsored benefits but struggle with a poor credit issue, you can connect with us anytime. We have made available options like loans for bad credit with no guarantor for people who are living on benefits. Here, we will regard your benefits as a source of income to assess your affordability. Thus, there is no reason for you to feel ineligible to get loan assistance.

  • Minimise burden

    Finding a person to be a co-signer is a difficult task. Even if you find anyone to be the guarantor, you put a huge financial burden on him/her. With no guarantor loans, you can prevent such happenings by taking the sole responsibility of the loan on your shoulder. You can become your support by using this provision. You can borrow without any compulsion.

  • Less paperwork

    These loans are offered through a hassle-free procedure. The entire loan process is easy to understand, wherein you are asked to provide fewer documents as only vital ones are required. A simple online form is enough to convey your requirements to us. We only ask you to complete bulky paperwork that could unnecessarily stretch the process.

  • No Upfront Fees

    Once you apply for this loan, we don't gauge your credit score and put unnecessary charges. It means even with a poor credit score, you can get loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no surplus fees. The best part is that it will not stop you from getting an instant decision from us. You can establish it by re-assessing the fine loan part that has our fee structure in a detailed manner.

My credit score is <560. do you offer me a no guarantor loan?

No doubt, with us loan help is available for those with lower credit scores. Still, doubts are there if someone has a very poor credit score. Some lenders are very much specific about those having credit scores between the ranges of 0-560.

At Onestoploansolution, the trend is quite different, and so is the approach. We have a dedicated deal on very bad credit loans with no guarantor needed. Besides, no broker is required, too, since we are a direct lender in the UK providing financial support responsibly.

However, we would like to consider a few things before granting the loan approval, such as:-

  • You should not have bankruptcy charges in recent times;
  • There must be a significant improvement in your recent financial handling;
  • You are not applying for multiple loans at a time;
  • Sincerity is key in repaying the loan, and that should show in your approach while you apply;
  • You must be earning some sort of income no matter full-time or part-time.

Can I get an unemployed loan with no guarantor?

Yes, you can get a non-guarantor loan even if you are unemployed. These loans are also accessible to people who do not have full-time earnings or have unstable income means. Loans offered to an unemployed person are primarily secured ones wherein they have to put an asset as collateral security. It can be a property, bonds, bank deposits, or other.

In that case, you must assure us that you will make the payment in a predefined time. Before loaning you the desired money, we will check if you have any source of income through which you can timely pay your monthly instalment. These sources can be as such:-

  • Part-time income
  • Spouse income
  • Unemployed benefits
  • Income from rental property
  • Pension

The rate of interest, lending norms, and other features differ from other types of loans. It will be a little disparate from the terms offered to applicants with a stable source of income.

Why pick Onestoploansolution as a direct lender?

With adeptness and diligence, we have provided financial assistance to innumerable loan seekers who urgently need funds. When you choose us as a direct lender, you may rest assured of experiencing exclusive benefits. We ensure the utmost clarity and transparency at each level of our loan association till you don’t get the desired results.

Below are the reasons why you should give us the opportunity to serve your financial purposes:

Same Day Loan Approval: You can receive a decision regarding loan approval without much wait. You can get immediate approval by sending us a loan application.

Flexibility is our USP: You can easily pick the repayment tenure and loan term from the flexible range. In fact, interest rates are also practical, matching everyone’s affordability.

Greatly accessible: You can effortlessly apply and get approval even on loan with bad credit with no guarantor. There will be no restrictions for you.

Follow morality: All the cost is told upfront. We don’t charge any hidden or extra fees from borrowers like you.

24X7 availability: You can get in touch with us for any query or assistance regarding the loan application at any time. We have a team working every day and every hour to assist you in every possible way.


Are there any initial fees included in a no guarantor loan?

No, there are no fees or initial costs included in these loans. Until your loan is not approved, you will not be charged for it. But once your application is approved and you get the desired money, the interest rate is charged from the day itself.

Is no guarantor loan unsecured or secured?

If you take out a loan without a guarantor, both unsecured and secured loan options will be provided.

Opting for unsecured loans with no guarantor will not require you to put your asset as collateral. In a secured loan, you will have to provide your asset as a safety.

How much time does it take for the disbursal of funds after approval?

Once your loan application gets approved, you will receive updated information in your bank. You will be intimated, and the funds will get disbursed on the same day of the approval.

How much does a no guarantor loan cost me?

The total cost of the loan highly depends on the lender you choose. If the lender feels that there is a high level of risk involved in loaning you money, then the rate of interest will be higher and vice versa.

What will happen if I fail with my repayments in no guarantor loan?

As there is no guarantor involved, no one will be legally obligated to make repayments for the loan if you fail to do so.

To avoid serious consequences, speak to your lender to make them understand your financial situation and let you provide more time for repaying the borrowed money.

Why do many people opt for loans without a guarantor?

Every individual can't arrange a co-signer or guarantor for obtaining a loan. Many don't want to give an extra financial burden to their family and friends, so they take all the responsibility themselves and choose to solely take care of the repayments.

Will I get charged for making early repayment on loan?

Unlike other lending institutes, here at Onestoploansolution, we allow our borrowers to pay off the loan amount comfortably whenever they wish to. If they choose to pay their loan early, they are more than welcome. You can contact us here, and we will resolve your queries quickly.

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