Personalised direct lender loans for bad credit

Now, you can set aside the fear of rejection by having direct lenders for bad credit personal loans like us. We will let you borrow money that complements your current requirements. With us, you are free from the compulsion of repaying simultaneously and in full.

We provide a repayment plan that is spread over an expanded duration of 60 months. We intend to ascertain you can repay successfully. We expect the same kind of effort from your end also.

The repayment term is quite convenient, so you need not feel worried about your potential. The loan amount should be according to what you can afford and maximum you can get up to £10000.

You will apply online with us for direct lender bad credit loans. No broker is involved in the process. Our way of dealing with borrowers like you will differ from the mainstream lending approach. You can find it out right below:

Onestoploansolution (as direct lenders) Traditional lenders
Allow you to apply with bad credit tags Usually rejects application from bad creditors
Follow the cut-throat pricing method Sticks to high-interest rates
The overall process gets completed in a quick span The entire process takes time to complete
Lets you receive money on the same day Keeps you waiting to get access to money

What are the features of direct lender loans for bad credit?

Suffering from bad credit issues? You cannot expect to get financial assistance from traditional lenders as they prioritise credit scores over everything. You can get bad credit loans from direct lenders without hesitating for any reason.

Onestoploansolution has created an interface you can use to get loan help when in distress. You can get specialised loan offers with us that suit all pocket types. Face no restraint to fetch funds that should match your affordability.

We have simplified the conditions you can easily satisfy to get direct lenders loans with bad credit. With us, you may rest assured to taste a different lending behaviour exclusive to direct lender like us. You can count upon us for:

  • Speedy payout in just 5 minutes
  • Feasible schedule for repayment
  • High chances of acceptance.
  • Freedom to borrow as per need

Having credit issues makes it hard for you to get a loan. Still, you can get small loans from direct lenders like us despite the bad credit. We look forward to helping you fetch emergency money in the toughest time when you have a sudden medical expense to cover. How can we help you?

  • Allow you to apply minus any obligations
  • Receive your application to process further
  • Make sure you can pay for the loan
  • Approve loan at the earliest
  • Hand over money
  • Let you pay off the bills for your medicine

Why to get bad credit loans from direct lenders?

We emphasise more on making sure about your affordability. It discloses your financial behaviour in recent times. It lets us assess your capacity to pay back the money on the pre-decided schedule.

We have combined a set of features that every borrower like you would expect to get direct lender loans with bad credit:

  • Easy to understand the fee structure

    We will directly be handling your loan query. Therefore, there is no need for you to pay brokerage fees. Besides, we maintain a simple fee structure defined well in our loan agreement. In case of any confusion, you can always refer to it.

  • Put no risk on your assets

    Direct lender bad credit loans are obtainable in a collateral-free manner. Now, loan borrowing is quite relieving for anyone who does not want to put a risk on their assets. It is indeed a never-before kind of opportunity for borrowers like tenants or non-homeowners who don’t hold any assets to pledge as collateral.

  • Soft search

    Hard credit checks are quite common when you opt for traditional borrowing options. We, as direct lenders, focus more on your repaying capability as it is more important for us. We confirm this through soft checks. You will be surprised to know that it does not affect your credit scores, unlike the hard-checking process.

  • No compulsion-free quote

    Once we receive your loan request, we will immediately send you a quote. It would come to you for free. Based on it, you can decide if you want to go ahead with us or not.

Get Bad Credit Loans From Direct Lenders

What can i use direct lender loans with bad credit for?

You would need a loan to solve some financial problems. Consider borrowing loans for really bad credit from a direct lender for different types of reasons. We can give you an idea of how diversely you can implement the loan money to cover a variety of purposes. You can:

  • Disburse pending payments
  • Address fund emergencies
  • Cover sudden home repair
  • Consolidate multiple debts
  • Meet educational bills
  • Filling the funding gap in business

How do loans for bad credit from direct lenders benefit me?

We commit to what exactly we can offer to our borrowers. You can reap benefits in manifold ways by applying for bad credit loans in the UK from a direct lender like us only.

  • Streamlined application

    You need to follow a simple procedure involving two to three steps. Extract the application form online. Fill it with relevant details and crosscheck. Finally, send it across to us. We will verify and reply you on this.

  • Speedy transfer of funds

    Once we go through your application and validate a few things, we will be in a position to provide you with a decision. If everything is alright in your application, we can straightway approve funds. After that, we will ensure the loan money should get transferred to your account within a few minutes.

  • Easy to repay terms

    With us, you can choose a repayment term from an expanded duration. It helps you repay in small amounts for months. You can also divide the amount so that it does not strain your monthly budget.

  • Support enhancing scores

    Our repayment plan is flexible. You can easily make it to on-time payment of loans. It is beneficial for you as it helps in the upgradation of bad credit scores.

  • All income means accepted

    We accept any form of income. You can apply with us for full-time and part-time sources of income. We allow anyone who receives income in the form of:

    • Pension
    • Benefits
    • Rent
    • Child support
    • Freelance income

Will direct lender bad credit loans come 100% online?

We have maintained an online presence since our inception. You will find us by searching online for loans with bad credit from direct lenders. We have a website in place. It will provide you with all the details about the different types of loans we offer.

We have cut short the waiting time, which is indispensable in mainstream borrowing. You can draw the comparison of rates online using a simple tool available on our website. You can set the amount to see the repayment term and interest rates.

It also allows you to change the amount to find the interest rate that is pocket friendly for you. All this can be done completely free of cost.

Can i get direct lender bad credit loans on an instant decision?

We take the least time to process your loan request. Easy steps have been incorporated into our working procedure. It will hardly consume a few minutes to reach the final decision. It works like this:

  • Receive your query
  • Issue loan quote based on it
  • Money will be credited to your account in no time
  • Validated by you
  • Affordability checks are performed
  • Loan agreement sent
  • Accepted and signed by you

Why is Onestoploansolution a reliable lender for me?

Have you ever thought of getting loan help from direct lenders? Maybe you have the past worst borrowing experience from traditional lenders. We assure you that it will be a different affair with us.

You can get bad credit loans from direct lenders like us. All thanks to a bunch of facilities that we exclusively provide. These are:

  • Transparency in our approach
  • Thorough communication right through
  • No hidden fees to shock you later
  • Easy navigation throughout the website
  • Star-rated lending service
  • Highly secured environment
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Is Onestoploansolution a Bad Credit Loans Direct Lender?

Yes, we are a direct lender and specialise in offering bad credit loans. You will have a unique experience while borrowing loans with us. We ensure you procure money despite restraints in your financial profile. You can receive a loan without further delay once approval is given.

What are the Differences Between a Broker and a Direct Lender?

Brokers mainly provide loan comparison services. They charge a separate fee for this service. It would come in addition to the interest fees. But with a direct lender like us, you get relief from brokerage fees. We let you complete a single form to get approved for the right loan option.

Are Bad Credit direct lender Loans a Good Idea?

Of course, getting loans at an hour of crisis is a good idea, provided you can manage the loan repayment. You must look for a loan that accepts your limitations and lets you borrow as needed. You will create debts by ignoring financial requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bad Credit direct lender Loan?

The process is quite fast forward with us. You can avoid long queues that result in you waiting for hours. If everything falls in place, it should not take more than 5 minutes to approve and transfer the loan to your checking account.

Will a Bad Credit direct lender Loan Affect My Credit Score?

Although we conduct soft checks to determine your affordability, it will not hurt your credit scores. It is about reviewing your recent financial transactions to understand your current financial nature.

Can I Get a Bad Credit direct lender Loan without Any Guarantor?

Yes, you can get a loan without a guarantor when you apply with a direct lender like us. We don’t need a guarantor to support your repayments. You don’t need to convince others to become your supporter.

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