What is it like getting low-interest personal loans?

You can think of getting a personal loan if you require a flexible type of funding. It will carry a specific term finalised for repayment. For you, borrowing will be a less costly affair with us. We offer loans at a budget price to make borrowing less burdensome for you.

The key to finding the best offer is to ask yourself, “How much personal loan can I get?” Once you dig through the purpose, you can select the right amount that must fall within the range of £1000 to £25000. Reviewing only the purpose is not enough.

You must not forget that repayment is inevitable even when you opt for financing alternatives for personal purposes. With these loans, you will see a repayment term between 12 to 84 months. However, it does not mean you will be free to pay back a small amount for an extended duration.

Getting Low Interest Personal Loans

The term will adjust according to the amount. Our offering to you as a direct lender is the flexibility to choose the amount according to your requirement and capability. We will not interfere or recommend any amount or term. This provision intends to break the monotony of traditional lending.

How can you fetch the best personal loan deals?

Customisation from our end ensures you get a personal loan at a low interest rate. The ability to afford loans varies from borrower to borrower. The same thing applies to loan necessity.

We keep these aspects in mind while crafting a loan deal. Our lending structure is dedicated to assisting the borrower in the best possible way. For us, validating your credit stature is the least important.

It indicates the possibility of getting bad credit loans. We do not blindly offer loans. Instead of emphasising credit scores, we would like to focus on other facets that can vividly define your financial behaviour. These are:

Capacity to afford: First, we will study your repaying potential by examining your recent bills. It will establish if you can pay back within a specified duration. You have a fair chance to get a personal loan at low-interest rates if you decide to apply with us.

These are affordability checks to prove that you are fit to get personal financing at pocket-friendly rates from us. In this regard, you must know that we prioritise this factor the most.

Competence according to earning: We keep flexible conditions that allow anyone to apply for any form of income. Your earnings should be stable and steady. It should be adequate to satisfy repayment requirements.

Eligibility fulfilment: We will insist you to try the personal loan eligibility checker. It will help you make sure you are eligible to apply. Are you wondering why it is even necessary? We can customise the offer with the best price if you can qualify as per our requirements that, consist of the:

  • 18 years or above age of the applicant
  • Access to a bank account
  • Any means of income
  • UK residency

What are the personal loan alternatives to compare?

The biggest perk of having a wide variety of loan alternatives is the ability to cover the diverse funding requirement of borrowers. Onestoploansolution, a direct lender, pursues this logic to create various opportunities for its borrowers. You can compare personal loan options and zero in on the ideal one according to your preference.

The alternatives available for you are:

Secured loans

  • Needs security in the form of assets like a home or car
  • Carry standard rate of interest
  • Useful to pay for large purchases
  • Also regarded as homeowner loans
  • Less risky for the lenders

Unsecured personal loans

  • Needs no security as collateral against the loans
  • Obtainable at affordable rates
  • Useful for covering small purchases and necessities
  • Also regarded as collateral-free loans
  • Risky for lenders

Home improvement loans

  • Acquire short-term loans assistance
  • Upgrade the outlook of the home
  • Interest rates are quite competitive
  • Does not demand any collateral
  • Repaying is flexible

Same day loans

  • A speedy way to avail of financial assistance
  • Best fitted repayment plans
  • Accessible at practical interest rates
  • Help you to meet urgent payouts without hitches
  • Fetch a loan amount up to £ 5000

Unemployed loans

  • Attainable despite unemployment
  • Acceptance of any income
  • Obligation-free loan assistance
  • Realistic pricing strategy followed by lenders
  • Repaying is not troublesome

Debt consolidation loans

  • Bring all your debts into one place
  • Pay lesser interest rates
  • Manage expenses in better way
  • Affordable monthly instalments
  • Suitable for all credit scores

What are the benefits of cheap personal loans?

Assessing the usefulness of getting loans will help determine how to make the most out of this opportunity. Get a personal loan if you think it can play a vital role in reducing the financial complications of your life.

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Swift credit of money

A personal loan will facilitate a smooth and quick transfer of money after approval. We do not follow the lengthy process where you have to collect the cash in person. Instead, we credit the approved money online so you can simultaneously withdraw and make online payments.

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Obligation-free borrowing

When you apply with us, we will not impose the burden of hard credit checks and collateral on you. According to us, a soft search is enough to ensure you can pay back loans on time. Getting loan payments on time is what matters to us the most.

Furthermore, our forte is to maximise your borrowing scope. For this reason, we have omitted the necessity of collateral in the case of unsecured personal loans.

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Feasible repayment condition

The repayment term will vary as per the loan amount. We advise you to borrow that much you can afford to pay back within the time. You will have to confront negative consequences if you cannot make it to a timely loan payment. Then, getting a personal loan at low rates will be fruitless.

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Provision for a payment holiday

It is an exclusive facility that many lenders will not be ready to provide. You can avail of this facility by letting us know about your financial difficulty. Validate if you can qualify before you fill out a particular form for this purpose.

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Allowance for a cooling-off period

It is 14 days before you can opt out of the agreement. We will charge no extra fees if you cancel the loan agreement within 14 days of signing it. You will have to return the amount within 30 days.

What are the ways you can use unsecured personal loans?

Financial problems can pop out of nowhere and lead to chaos. Dealing with these untimely issues is not a cakewalk if you are already cash-strapped. In this situation, getting unsecured loans for personal use can be an option.

We will request you study your requirements before applying for this financial option. You can fulfil different needs by getting access to the ideal loan amount. Some of the most common ways you can use these loans are:

  • Debt payment through consolidation
  • Purchasing a car
  • Meeting educational expenses of wards
  • Carrying out vital family outgoings
  • Upgrading the interior of the home
  • Sponsoring vacation expenses
  • Buying the much need home appliance

How to apply for low-rate personal loans?

The easiest way to get hands on personal financing option is by sending out an online request. You do not have to go through the exertion of the offline procedure. All the steps will require less time to complete as it does not involve any paperwork. You can apply from any place.

Get the online form: The application is a few clicks away. You need to extract and open it.

Write it down: The next step is to put in all the details in the required fields. It will not be tiresome, as we will not need the bulk of the information.

Send out it: Once you complete filling out the form, review all the details carefully. All your efforts will go in vain if you submit the form with mistakes.

Why should you approach Onestoploansolution for personal loans?

It is natural for you to stop by different lenders when exploring loan options that focus on meeting individual purposes. The strongest point is our way of personalising offers to match your capacity and need. We are ardent followers of standard lending norms that you can see below:

Transparent lending: We never feel like hiding any lending conditions or fees from you. Above all, you do not have to pay any upfront fees.

Clarity on communications: The loan agreement shows our lending process. We will get in touch with you if we need additional details and vice versa.

Dependency: We constantly strive to upgrade our services by conducting research in various forms. You can expect to experience better treatment every time you return to us.

Round-the-clock support: You can contact us for any query via the ‘Contact us’ page. Feel free to share any query with us at any time.

Data safety: We will not put any personal information you will share with us to the wrong use. We always practice the necessary steps to ensure complete safety.


Will the interest rate for personal loans be fixed or variable?

The interest rate will be fixed if you borrow money from us. It will not change with time or depending on any other factors. You will get to know about the rates once you will receive a free loan quote from us.

Is this financing option better than a credit card?

If you look closely, you will see interest rates are comparatively low in the case of a personal loan. The borrowing limit is also not too high when you will opt for a card. You can take out money up to a wide range depending on your capability in the case of loans.

What is the difference between secured and unsecured loans?

You will find these two categories in personal funding options. The main differences between them are:

Secured loans Unsecured Loans
You will get to see a higher credit limit These loans come with a lower credit limit
Offer longer duration for repayment Offer a smaller duration for repayment
Results in loss of possession in the event of default There is no fear of losing assets if you cannot repay on time

What will happen if I cannot pay back the loan on time?

Late payment or default is highly undesirable. You will have to bear additional charges as penalties and late fees once repayment gets delayed. On top of this, your credit ranking will also suffer because of this.

Is it possible to verify if I am getting affordable rates?

Yes, validating the possibility of getting affordable rates is easy. Go through the loan quote to understand how much you will have to pay for interest by taking out a particular loan amount. You can contact us further to adjust rates before agreeing to our terms and conditions.

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