Looking for a bad credit loan? Get online with easy approval

Financial assistance can bring some respite but not when you have bad credit tags. You can overcome this hurdle with loans for bad credit from direct lenders, i.e. Onestoploansolution.

With us, you bid adieu to the struggle that a typical bad credit borrower would face. A flexible loan option accessible despite financial limitations helps keep your stress level low. Therefore, do not consider yourself incompetent to get loan help with less-than-perfect credit scores.

A tabular representation will show the possibilities available for you with loans for people with bad credit.

Valid pointers to note Outcomes
How much should you borrow? You can borrow from between £ 1000 to £ 15000
When should you pay back? The repayment term falls between 12 to 60 months
Is it possible to get a speedy decision? The exclusion of obligations has speeded up the process
Will the loan application take long? Round out application in a matter of few minutes
Do you have to follow a stringent repayment plan? You are free to pay back in a flexible way

What are bad credit loans?

Financial help that you receive regardless of your poor scores represent bad credit loans. We understand how an unexpected situation can lead to tarnished credit history.

We try to minimise the difficulty level for any bad credit borrower. Your experience with traditional lending options will not repeat when you are with us. You can count upon our loans for bad credit by being a UK resident.

We ensure you can fulfil any sudden cash requirement by giving you a fair chance. It does not belittle our responsibility as a lender as we put stress on affordability. It means our primary concern is to confirm your ability to repay.

We pay attention to current financial performance instead of overstretching past credit records. For this reason, you can be worry-free to approach us at any time. We intend to assist you with different features like:

  • Custom-made loan deals
  • Repayment schedule matching your capability
  • Loan disbursal without layovers
  • Zero imprints on the credit profile
  • Speedy turnaround time
loans for Bad Credit Score

Why should you get loans with bad credit?

We don't want to work like a normal lender. Thus, we make it a point to offer something extra to our borrowers. However, we also make sure our offerings should match your expectations.

We have perceived how borrowers observe bad credit scores as their weak points. Although it has some weightage, it is not only a concerning aspect for a lenient loan provider like us.

Keeping the borrower's point of view in mind, we look forward to delivering loans with bad credit with a bunch of unique attributes. They are not easily accessible by other lenders. These are:

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Well-explained fee structure

APR is not easy to understand as it involves some complex calculations. Nevertheless, our fine print will explain it very clearly. You can read it to know how much you will have to disburse as loan fees.

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No unnecessary stretching of steps

Oftentimes, the loan process extends due to the involvement of a mediator. It will indeed not happen when you apply with us. We have no connection with the broker, and thus, we do not levy any brokerage fees along with loan interest rates.

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Expedient repayment conditions

We will not ask you to repay in full and at one time. You can easily portion out the loan cost as the term breaks into several months. This way, repaying will not be burdensome. You can arrange money without hampering the monthly budget.

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Opportunity to improve scores

Since repayment is not stressful like conventional loan options, the scope for credit improvement is quite wide. On-time payment of loans will help your scores to upgrade. Therefore, you can take pleasure in dual advantage with loans with bad credit score.

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Facility to borrow from an extensive range

We have a provision to allow you to choose loans from a wide range. You can decide the loan amount on your own without facing intervention from our end. Adjust the slider to determine the loan amount and term best fit for your situation.

Where to use bad credit loans?

We are familiar with borrowers' apprehensions when it comes to selecting an apt loan option. With imperfect credit scores, it is crucial for you to stick to the purpose. You have the freedom to utilise bad credit loans received from direct lenders as per necessity.

You can pick the right amount by being vigilant. It will allow you to use the money for purposes like:

  • Handling debt payments: Oftentimes, past debt wrecks up your present life. You want relief from the pain. Fetching bad credit loans from a direct lender is the best as it allows obligation-free borrowing. Furthermore, it facilitates the disbursement of debts.
  • Completing treatment: If you are stuck with payment of the medical bill, you are at the right place. These loans are the most reliable option when it is tough for you to bear medical expenses.
  • Renovate the home: Sometimes, you overlook urgent repair work just by seeing the budget. Do not worry if you cannot manage extra cash due to unfavourable scores! You can apply to get a loan for bad credit to complete the renovation work on priority.
  • Clearing off bills: Maybe, this particular month is tough on you. There is no money in your pocket after some major payments. However, you have the usual bills to cover. Do not let this situation become adverse with a not-so-perfect credit rating! Obtain these loans to keep up with regular bill payments.
  • Purchase of any new appliance: A sudden expense like purchasing an appliance would need additional money. You can depend on these loans if, right now, it is not possible for you to arrange cash due to credit issues. Extract the needed cash to go ahead with the purchase.

What are the different types of loans for bad credit?

You can overcome financial setback by grabbing loans for bad credit. We have eased off the loan selection process a bit more by offering you multiple options. We know how to finance requirements will vary from individual borrowers.

For this reason, we have designed different alternatives to suffice your specific needs. Check them out here:

  • Personal loans

    You can obtain these loans as secured and unsecured funds. The former will need security in the form of a home or car, unlike the latter one. Now, the best thing about getting in touch with us is that you can also get personal loans for bad credit.

    It lets you borrow money in a collateral-free way and without bothering about your past credit records.

  • No guarantor loans

    Usually, the guarantor is necessary when credit scores lag behind the perfect benchmark. We comprehend that it might not be a convenient option for many of our borrowers. Asking anyone to support your loan payment might not be suitable for you. In that case, you can look for loans for bad credit with no guarantor.

  • Debt consolidation loans

    We have kept this option to help your downside the pile of debts. You can use our loan to consolidate past debts. Feel free to apply for debt consolidation loans for bad credit. It merges the interest of different loans into one single loan.

  • Payday loans

    Our wide variety of options lets you take out payday loans even with bad credit. With this loan option, you can think of withdrawing a small amount of cash and intend to repay it with next month salary.

How to get the best loan with bad credit?

We expect our borrowers to analyse a few aspects before getting loans. You can determine if it is the right option for you by validating some points. You must remember that loans are a form of debt.

Rates are reasonable: You have to pay more if interest rates exceed your financial limit. Be smart enough to pick loan rates that are pocket friendly for you. Comparing would be beneficial.

See your eligibility: There are elements like age, job, access to bank account and residency that you will find in the eligibility criteria. Satisfying these conditions is pivotal if you want your application to reach the next level of processing.

Borrow within capacity: You should not take out a random amount. Do not forget you have to return the same amount with interest! It means whatever amount you borrow, you have to repay more. Borrowing within the limit is the key.

Necessity is genuine: Take out loans if there is an urgent need and you don’t have money to meet it. Prevent borrowing just to accomplish costly desires.

Are bad credit loans different from very bad credit loans?

Having credit scores beyond the extreme limit is unacceptable for many lenders. However, with us, you can find a midway in the form of very bad credit loans. Be ready to accept offers with high rates, as your financial profile is risky.

Your affordability will be the most critical element in ensuring you can pay back within schedule. Possibilities shrink when your credit scores are too far from the borderline. Very bad credit loans from direct lender in the UK are dissimilar from typical poor credit loans.

Very Bad Credit Loans Bad Credit Loans
Lenders usually do not prefer a loan applicant with extremely poor scores Other factors pacify bad scores, and thus, you can get fair chances from the lender
Scores falling between 0-560 are very bad Scores falling between 561-720 are bad
Your financial performance should be convincing enough to avail low rates Rates and terms can be negotiated even when you have unfavourable credit scores
The odds of getting through approval are quite low. The odds of getting through approval are comparatively easy.
Why should you opt for Onestoploansolution?

We pursue different lending strategies, helpful for borrowers like you. We focus on giving out the best service to you. Our lending characteristics define how you can make use of our facilities to get relief from financial chaos.

Find out more about what we offer:

Clearness: We have our loan fine print ready to convey information about rates and fees. No upfront fees will be imposed on you.

User-friendly mode: You can send an online request instead of following the offline application method. Processes are not time-consuming here.

Safe platform: We practice necessary preventive measures to ensure 100% security of your data. Our safety protocol prevents data infringement and theft.

Responsible lending: We adhere to responsible lending practices. We will never offer loans at impractical rates to make a profit out of them.

Friendly support: You can contact our services anytime and for any query. We will be ready to solve your queries as early as possible.


When borrowing bad credit loans would be risky?

Getting loans will not push you into a risky situation unless you delay repayment for no reason. It would be better to borrow if you are confident about your repaying capability. Your financial condition will worsen if you borrow but do not repay on time.

Will my credit scores suffer if I apply for a loan with bad credit?

Credit scores will feel the impact when hard checks are conducted at the time of processing the application. We do not perform any such checks. A soft search is enough for us to ensure you are the right fit for these loans.

In what pattern can I repay loans?

Repayment is easy and expedient with these loans. You do not have to follow any particular pattern. You are free to repay in weekly, fortnightly and monthly patterns. We do not force you to repay in one go.

Will repaying late affect me?

Yes, repaying late will not be beneficial for you. Try to refrain from repaying late. Missed payments will lead to late charges easily avoidable if you repay loans on time. Above all, your credit scores can face a negative impact because of it.

What is the easiest method to apply for these loans?

Online way of applying is the most convenient method. Onestoploansolution facilitates you to apply using the online. All you need to do is:

  • Fetch the online form available with us
  • Complete it with personal details
  • Submit application

Skip sending any documents or go anywhere, as the process does not demand.

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