Get emergency loans for the unemployed now

Financial uncertainty kicks in when you lose a job for whatever reason. In this situation, you will surely want to ensure, “can I get a loan without a job?”

You can keep no job worries at bay by opting for emergency loans for the unemployed. The nature of these loans is to offer you a speedy dose of money when you confront any extreme circumstance.

Onestoploansolution is ready to extend financial help if you need money now as unemployed in the UK. You have freedom to select any amount between £1000 and £10000. You have convenience to repay the amount within 12 to 60 months.

Any source of income will work with us. At this point, our lending pattern contradicts the traditional one. Despite putting the burden on job security, we intend to have a different outlook on affordability. You can think of getting short term loans for unemployed even if you have stopped receiving the fixed monthly salary.

We know as a borrower, you would like to confirm a few things before reaching out for a loan offer. We have tried to fill the gaps with our offerings like:

  • Realistic pricing
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Paper-free mode of application
  • Absolute accessibility
  • Complete support throughout the process

We look forward to maximising the gains of the borrowers. For this reason, we also strive hard to deliver unemployed loans with same day payout facility. With us, you can open up about the financial struggles you come across being a jobless person.

How can you use unemployed loans to good advantage?

Our unemployed loans focus on offering financial help to those out of work. You can make the most out of our loan facilities in the following ways:

  • Swift access to money

    We are ready to provide quick loans for unemployed to let you fetch money at the earliest. You need not wait too long despite being in a disadvantageous condition. You must take some swift steps to make it to the loan application.

  • Soft assessment

    Hard checks are compulsory when you borrow from a bank. This assessment is not vital for us because we like to hold a lenient outlook on borrowers’ credit profiles. It is also because a soft search will unveil if the borrower’s like you are competent to afford repayment.

    You can call it an affordability check. We perform this by reviewing your current bill payment ability.

  • No bank account requirement

    It should not create any confusion in your mind. It is because you can afford the dual facility to borrow with or without a bank account. You can opt for doorstep loans for unemployed.

    Since you do not have a checking account to receive loans, a loan agent will deliver them to your doorsteps. This way, you will not feel the need for a bank account.

  • Exemption from fees

    We provide you with loans without involving any mediator. With us, you can obtain loans for the unemployed with no fees. The loan fine print includes all the information about the interest rate. We strongly insist you look at it before making any financial decision.

  • Manageable repayment plan

    We are committed to ensuring every financial favour to you. For this reason, repayment conditions are not strict. We allow you to repay conveniently without putting too much pressure on yourself.

    We will never set an unrealistic repayment plan. The term will be adjusted accordingly to match your repaying potential.

Is it possible to avail guaranteed loans for unemployed?

We, as Onestoploansolution, cannot make affirmations on providing sure financial assistance without proper assessment. It will be against our lending ethics. However, there are ways you can make sure about guaranteed loans for the unemployed.

We never support unfair lending practices. Our responsibility as a direct lender is to guide you on how to strengthen your chances of getting loans for job seekers regardless of all obligations.

Analyse a few aspects, as it will be enough to validate if your application is suitable to get through the approval process. These are:

Acceptability: Checking eligibility is critical before you take a step to borrow. It revolves around proving a few things:

  • Your age should be between 18 years and 80 years
  • You must hold an accessible bank account
  • You are a permanent resident of the UK
Guaranteed Loans For Unemployed

Earn through any source: You will have to fulfil the requirement of a stable job with typical lenders. We have put it differently by showing a willingness to accept any form of income. It does not matter to us if you work part-time.

You must be able to withdraw a satisfying amount of earnings to support repayment. You can get instant loans for student unemployed with some sort of side income. Be a sport to approach us if you receive earnings via:

  • Rental income
  • Pension
  • Benefits
  • Freelance income

Correct information sharing: Do you know a single mistake in the application can hamper the opportunity to get unemployment loans? Thus, you need to be careful while completing the application. We will need the correct data to take your application forward.

Progress in credit scores: An improvement in credit status will show you are working on your scores. It also proves your responsible side being a borrower as you are paying off debts on time.

Selection of apt amount: Prevent yourself from selecting any amount that does not coincide with your requirement. It should be such that you can easily pay for it.

Are loans for unemployed obtainable with bad credit?

You must not hesitate to enquire us about bad credit loan help just because you lack favourable scores. We have a soft corner for borrowers struggling with credit issues. It has included options like a loan for bad credit and unemployed people. We will give more weightage to your affordability than to past credit records.

We pay attention to your financial behaviour that discloses valuable information like:

  • Convincing ongoing payment history
  • Positive advancement in credit scores
  • Earning money via any income mode

We are trying to convey through it that you can sail through the crisis, as we are ready to offer loans for the unemployed with bad credit. Do not prevent yourself from seeking help even when you are facing limitations like unemployment.

Are there any specific types of loans for unemployed people?

Yes, you can explore different financing options even when you are jobless. It clearly says you will always have options when you are with us. We look at your problems from various angles.

It has led us to make diverse loan opportunities available for you. Our collection concerning loans for unemployed people is given as follows:

Loans Available For Unemployed People

Payday loans

These loans are inaccessible for people who are out of a job currently. We are aware of this scenario. Our take on this matter is to offer a solution like payday loans matching the capability of a jobless person.

As we have no problem accepting any income stream, you can also apply for payday loans for unemployed while living on benefits.

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Fast-to-obtain loans

When you cannot think of getting speedy assistance from other lenders, you can take advantage of the same day loan for the unemployed available with us without hesitation. You can bid adieu to unwanted layovers to avail of loan support after losing your job.

Easy loan process
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Personal loans

You cannot think of getting pricey personal loans when you are out of a job. We have a provision for personal loans for the unemployed. You must review the rates before agreeing to our terms and conditions.

How to follow the process for unemployed loans?

Here, you can go ahead online with loans for unemployed. The online presence lets us serve you at any time. You do not have to follow a defined schedule to contact us. We make sure to cut short the time you will spend to round out the application.

All you need to do is to complete a few easy and compact steps.

Click to open the form: Once you enquire with us, we will give you quick access to the online form. You can open it to do the needful.

Put in information: The online form will need a few details. You have to enter your personal information accurately.

Submit online: Conclude the application by submitting the application. Do not forget to re-check the application to avoid mistakes.

Why should you seek financial support from Onestoploansolution?

We believe in providing genuine loan offerings. Your job status is the least important to us. Our focus is to create a loan solution that fits your budget and ability at the same time.

We do not run after beating the competition, so we adhere to responsible lending policies. It helps us to guide you to reach the most affordable unemployed loans.

Transparency: Our loan agreement embodies how we operate and what are terms and conditions. You will find out the definition of our fee structure there, also.

No hidden fees: We will never charge more than what we mentioned to you. Our offers will not include any hidden fees.

Safety: The protection of your information is our primary concern. We always practice vital steps that ensure safety from identity theft.

Clarity: We try to maintain clear communications from our end. Besides, we have a provision that allows you to contact us for any query or suggestion.

24X7assistance: Our application is accessible at any time. You can reach out to us from anywhere.


How much time will it take to get loans?

We follow a speedy approach when it comes to processing your loan request. We will only hold your application for a short time. You can expect a quick reply from our end once we go through the application. On successful approval, you can contemplate getting quick loans for the unemployed.

How will loan repayment work?

For ease of access, the repayment term will break down into a flexible pattern. With us, you can avail of the pay weekly facility with loans for the unemployed. You can even further spread the payment in monthly and fortnightly fashion.

Is it possible to avail of loans with no guarantor?

With us, you will not have to fulfil the compulsion of a guarantor. It means you are free to make an application for no guarantor loans. That person will return the amount with interest if you default on the loan.

Should you re-assure before getting these loans?

Validating your situation before getting loans for the unemployed is crucial. It will tell if you can comfortably repay loans. Moreover, you can get an idea about the loan cost by asking us to offer a free quote. We will customise the offer for you.

What if I fail to pay back loans on time?

Failing to pay back will cost you more. Penalties and late fees will be charged once repayment gets delayed. In the worst scenario, it will have a negative impact on your credit history and ability to borrow in future.

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