Privacy policy

The privacy policy mentioned here how we/us/our keep your personal information intact with not sharing to anyone, which you provide to while using or applying for any financial products or loan offers. You should know how we are taking care of your personal information that further assist you to decide why you should inform us your personal details while using the products and using any of our service.

How do we assemble information?

We use to gather your personal information and store it when you fill out an online application form to purchase any of our financial products and services. It is your choice or you have the liberty to not to share any personal information with us, but in that situation, you are not liable to use all the features that our website is providing to you.

We may not able to collect your personal information if you do not visit to the online application form and do not fill it. However, we can collect your non-personal information as soon as you start visiting our website. These details embed but not restricted to the IP address of the device that you are using while visiting our website, operating system type, and the landing pages of the website, browser version, and the total time that you are spending on our each webpage.

How does Onestoploansolution use the collected information?

We are abiding with all the rules and regulations while using the personal information of the users. We responsibly use your information that goes well to all the ethics and laws. The primary focus of using and collecting your personal or non-personal information in order to enhance our customer service, improving the user experience, sending the notifications to the users’ mail ids, and giving updates on our financial products and services mentioned in the website

We respect your privacy and thus we do not use your personal or non-personal details for any unlawful purpose that is affecting your privacy. We like to have users’ non-personal information just for the honest purpose of recognising any possible threat or abuse.

We accumulate data which we require to offer you with the financial product or service in the best possible way. In the specific circumstances, we will process the given below information:

  • We need details that you showed in the online application form during the time of availing of a financial product or service such as, your name, age, address, earning and many more.
  • Information regarding your credit report that you have collected from the credit reference agencies
  • Extra information that we may require while working on to your application and analysing your current financial situations
  • Addition details like the name of your bank, bank account number and as such.

Data breach

We deal with all the provided information of you in the fair manner and ensure that it should not be compromised for any purpose. If we come to know that the security of the website ( has been compromised or revealed to any third-party because of a security attack or deceitful attempts, we owe the right to take an instant action, which consists of but not limited to an enquiry and reporting to the authorities dealing in low enforcement. We will inform you if we identify any threat to your personal data causing harm to your privacy due to due to that data breach. We will inform you regarding this by sending you an email to your shared mail id.

We reserve the right to review, change or update our privacy policy anytime. Therefore, we recommend you to read it at regular intervals.

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