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‘Using the site’: what is it all about?

Anyone can use the website only for personal and non-commercial purposes. While using the website, you are strictly exploring it for only these purposes with no other illegal use. However, you can gather much needed information, use the financial products and services and purchasing them under the given conditions.

While using the website, you should be responsible to not to use mentioned content in the site for any purpose. It means you cannot use the given content for any personal use or commercial use. The content written on the website is with the objective of providing you with the necessary information on the given financial products and services. The content showed in the website does not intent to educate someone on the financial product or financial well-being. Instead, it does not frame financial, legal or any other advice to any of the user of the website.

You have to clarify that you are making your own decision by having a proper analysis of all the risks involved, complications and difficulties related with it if you are using the website or applying for any of our financial product or service.

The website, https://www.onestoploansolution.co.uk/, has the purpose of offering you much-needed information regarding About the Company, related business, all the loan products and financial services in the United Kingdom (UK). Such information has the relevance for only for the UK users or those residing in the UK. If you are using the site outside UK, then you will be liable to agree on each and every condition fall under the jurisdiction of the UK and local laws.

The content written in the website does not pledge to provide right information that is helpful to all the users. If you are using any details mentioned within the content of the website or applying for any financial products, then it means you are promising us that you are doing on your own risk.

Intellectual property rights

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Our accountability

We will not accept any responsibility and liabilities against direct and indirect damages occurred through the users while using the website https://www.onestoploansolution.co.uk/. If you are exploring our website, you will have to owe the sole responsibility for any kind of benefit or loss happened due to your own actions.

We own the right to change or update our terms and conditions time to time without any prior notice. We suggest you to go through our terms and conditions on the regular basis.

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