What is a very poor credit loan?

You need the money more than anything despite a really low credit score. It is not just for buying goods, paying bills, managing emergencies, or funding projects. You might also need that money to do well to that ‘fallen’ credit score. We make it happen for you. Yes, you will get a very poor credit loan from us.

A loan for very poor credit is an unsecured or personal loan option. It is accessible to any borrower with very bad credit scores and is meant for special purposes. A few of them are to help you with your urgent expenses and to, of course, improve your credit score.

You have income statements to validate the loan terms. When you have a good income that’s stable enough, a very bad credit loan is yours anyway and that too within one business day. You can borrow anywhere from 1000 pounds to 5000 pounds. We offer you a flexible loan term from 12 to 60 months.

For repayment, you can choose loan instalments in these ways:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

What score comes under very bad credit?

When you are about to take out a really bad credit loan from direct lenders, then you need to know what credit score can be tagged as ‘very poor’. If your credit score belongs to the bad credit score category, then a personal unsecured poor credit loan from a direct lender would work fine.

A good credit score is when you pay your bills on time, which is also sufficient. Besides, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be paid in the said manner. You must maintain the credit limit your credit card provider set to retain a good credit score.

When you are not following any of these rules or all of them, you get a downfall in your credit score. Your credit score gets low and you cannot access more credit cards privileges such as redeemable money rewards or discount offers. Your APR increases, and the credit limit decreases.

As a result, you see yourself paying more credit card fees and penalties, which you could otherwise have enjoyed or saved. Here is what you need to know about bad and very bad credit scores in the UK:

  • Bad Credit Score: 761 – 560
  • Very Bad/ Poor Credit Score: 560 – 0

You will need a bad credit loan for the first case and a very poor credit score loan for the next one.

How is a very poor credit loan possible?

A loan of this kind is offered not because of your credit score but because of your current income. We need to check a few aspects of your income to determine your loan affordability, i.e. if you can pay off the loan to us comfortably.

  • Your earnings should be stable enough to pay the loan instalment rates in time.
  • We want to know if paying the instalments does not affect your essential needs or lifestyle.
  • Your income should be evidential. We need proof of your earnings to conclude how you can pay us back the loan terms.

When these initial checks are made, and you are qualified, you will get the loan from us. For the income statement, we would say we can accept any work as long as the earnings are stable.

Who can apply for a loan for a very poor credit score?

It is natural for you to suffer a very bad credit score when you may not be able to maintain your credit card ‘very well. Some particular circumstances often push you to suffer a very bad credit score. These are:

  • People with credit default
  • Persons going through bankruptcy
  • Individuals suffering foreclosure
  • People suffering unemployment
  • Individuals who are experiencing or are just out of CCJ (County Court Judgement)
  • Persons who need debt consolidation for multiple credit card debts

You can still manage all these issues with a loan for very bad credit from direct lenders like us.

What are the benefits of a loan for really bad credit?

You might think a poor credit loan is meant to recover your poor credit score. Still, a loan of this kind means a lot for you when considering various financial situations. Here are a few ways very bad credit loans from Onestoploansolution, as a direct lender in the UK, will serve you more than boost your credit.

  • Manage emergencies

    A very bad credit loan does not consider your low credit score as the deciding factor. You need to show a good income, and you can get the loan approved to deal with emergencies.

  • No need to wait for the loan disbursal

    Your income is considered to check the loan affordability, with virtually nothing else. You can say that your loan will be approved within a few minutes. Moreover, you will receive the money on the same day.

  • Take care of credit card debts

    Pay off all your due credit card bills or debts with a loan for people with very bad credit. Use that credit card again and start getting rewards and discounts again.

  • Enjoy flexible loan terms

    Contrary to popular belief, we do not mean fixed interest rates if you decide to borrow from us. You have other responsibilities to attend to. That is why we made our loan terms even more flexible.

How to improve credit score with a loan for very bad credit?

You have a very poor credit score, but you should always look for ways to improve your credit score. You need some money to get rid of all payments. Still, the credit score is the problem. A poor credit score restricts you from getting a loan at affordable rates.

By taking out a loan for a very bad credit score, you can solve the problems in these ways:

  • First, you can pay your pending credit card bills, which is the main cause of your low credit score
  • If you have multiple debts, then you are free to consolidate them using a very poor credit loan
  • You can take care of emergencies with having quick funding and easy repayments

Paying off credit card debts will improve your credit score. It will improve even more just because you took out a poor credit loan and returned the money to us in time.

Can I apply for a really bad credit loan with no guarantor?

We can say that your income is enough for us to lend you the loan. We do not mandate a personal loan for a very poor credit score for a guarantor.

  • A guarantor loan can make the lending slower due to more verification of financial terms
  • Your terms with the guarantor may change anytime in the loan terms
  • The guarantor can face financial issues him or herself

Due to these problems, working with a guarantor can be a little complicated to offer you a fast loan. We minimise these complications by checking your income statement only while offering very poor credit loans with no guarantor as a direct lender.

Why choose Onestoploansolution?

If you want to get a loan for really bad credit in the UK, then we do have your back. However, you might wonder why we are so special in this regard. Here are a few reasons to consider taking out a loan from us.

  • Get a loan for very poor credit in flexible repayment modes and affordable rates
  • Finish a very simple online application process in less than a minute
  • Pay only the loan terms and no fees will help you save more money
  • Gain quality guidance along with timely assistance

Do you want a very poor credit loan from us?


Can I get a Very Poor credit loan with no credit check?

Yes, a poor credit loan is offered with no credit check when you buy a loan for the first time. A no-credit-check loan is possible when you share your income details, and we find it valid for paying off loan instalments comfortably.

How fast can I get a loan for a very low credit score?

You can get a loan for very poor credit within a day. You can fill out the application form, which will take less than a minute. We will approve it within 10 minutes. You will receive the money in one business day.

What are my alternatives if I have very bad credit?

You can get a payday loan instead of a very poor credit loan. If your credit score is not too bad, you can easily get a simple unsecured bad credit loan.

Will my repayments be really high with a very poor credit loan?

Thinking that way is natural for borrowers. However, we differentiated our repayment into packages, making the loan terms easy and affordable. Check out the offers on our service page to know more.

Can I get a better rate if my credit score increases?

Yes, you will get a better rate if your credit score increases. You need to be transparent with us about the score. We will help you in the best ways possible to help with the loans.

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